Yowie Blends


A generous hank that comes in at 30cm long. The very same materials we have sourced for our Yowie Blend Brushes is now available in hanks!!

The material is soft and low sheen, each hank is a blend with UV and non UV materials. At this length the Yowie Blend hanks suit tiers that ether tie in taper or trim taper at the end of the tie.

Mix the Yowie Blends with natural materials such as Bucktail or Icelandic sheep to achieve bulk and additional length without dominating the action that natural materials is well known for .

The materials is perfect for handling, it's not springy and it's not slippery as some similar looking materials may be, great for stacking and reverse tying.

We sourced this materials from outside the fly tying industry for our brushes, but have been using it in our personal flies for some time. We have used this material for a massive range of flies from Shrimps to Game changers, as fillers on Deceivers to whole flies made from the material.