NQ Saltwater Flies

Based in Townsville Dave has regular access to a range of blue water, flats, estuarine and even fresh water environments in which to hone his patterns and techniques.  Always eager to learn he taps into the knowledge bank of a number of fellow North Queenslanders and their observations made through past success and failure, particularly on the flats.  NQ Saltwater Flies was essentially born out of discussions around the benefits of tapping into local knowledge when looking for flies that work on the flats around here, and especially shrimp patterns, largely because not everyone can cast a crab, and let’s face it… everything eats a prawn!  Importantly, he sells the same flies he fishes.
Probably one of the most satisfying things for Dave is of course getting positive feedback from our local flats species, and has had many a day made by simply seeing one of his flies hanging from the jaw of queenfish, golden trevally, bastards, tarpon and even the odd mangrove jack.
Not one to restrict himself, Dave is also particularly fond of losing himself on long treks through some of our picturesque freestone rivers and streams in search of sooty grunter and jungle perch.
So if you haven’t heard from him for a while he’s likely out stalking a river bank somewhere, or pushing ‘Boomerang’ around a local flat…