Ammo Flies Bonefish Collection

...Ammo Flies Christmas Island Bonefish Flies

Ammo Flies is Beast Brushes owner Chris Adams (pictured above) . Here you will find a selection of Bonefish flies that are proven killers for Christmas Island (Kiritimati). Chris himself has been to CXI four times now, Once to the Mini Hotel in 2006 and then another 3 times staying at the islands best accommodation and guides "The Villages". In fact the selection of flies shown here are not only curated by Chris Adams, but also arguably Australia's most experienced CXI angler Andrew Vockler. Andrew is the Australian agent for the Villages, and operates IN2FLY booking agency. Andy has spent months at time every year since the Villages opened and has had literally thousands of Bonefish come to hand and has liaised with just as many punters in that time... to say Andy has his fingers on the pulse is an understatement, and to say this selection of flies is the essentials of what you need is also and understatement. Checkout IN2FLY by clicking here

The flies displayed here are of the highest level of durability and are tied with only the finest materials. These flies truly are the pinnacle of flies and are the ones guides reach for every time. Chris is a professional tyer and is part of the Ahrex, RaidZap and Peak Vices international pro teams, and is known for the highest standard of work that is recognised around the world. 

Because not all your flies will be used on this one trip, we have strictly chosen to use Ahrex SA220 and SA250 hooks exclusively simply because they don't rust. If you would like us to tie on Gamakatsu SL-11-3h or SL45 hooks, we can do that but must be clear that we cannot assure you they will not rust or keep their point and we cannot tell you they will last more than one season. All Ahrex hooks have been extremely tested by many people from around the world in bother extreme Saltwater and Freshwater conditions. Also, because pliers will be your biggest enemy for durability, we not only coat the thread base but the finished fly in RaidZap UV cure urethane, this urethane based resin only one of its kind in the world... Raidzap resin is more likely than any other resin we sell to withstand regular dehooking with pliers and is the only resin we sell that doesn't rehydrate this step is a valuable yet essential step that shouldn't be seen as an added bonus, just standard.  The bodies ( expect for the George Bush) are even more bullet proof with the use of Lagartun Flat braid instead of just Krystal Flash, offering the protection of a wide woven body as opposed to individual strands. In addition, we use the finest Arctic fox imported direct from Finland or the unique Beast Brushes Extra Select Craft fur for wings. 

These flies have more experience behind them than anyone else's CXI flies in the country when Chris and Andrew are over seeing everything you see here. This in addition to them being tied with the most durable and high performance materials available anywhere on the planet make the Ammo Bonefish collection a big part of a great trip. 

Each boxed kit comes with one of our waterproof Candy Cases, please click here to learn more about these premium cases. 

Flies are not custom tied or tied to order. they will only be available when they are available and only from the Australian Fly Tyers Co Op. 


Kits are getting made right now... keep your eye on social media or keep coming back here.... ( date of writing this 30/10/22)