Our Bucktail

Beast Brushes Bucktail. Beast Fleye tied by Chris Adams of Ammo Flies.

Our Bucktail..... Our bucktail or Beast Brushes Bucktail is sourced from a place in the northern United States of America where the air is cold and the hair is thick. Through friends in the US we have been able to secure supply that no one else in Australia has access to.. we know this for a fact as our cottage industry supplier has trouble keeping up with us. This means that these tails are not mass processed and without boring you with way to process animal hides, our way ensures that the hair is conditioned and not damaged in the process. You can feel a small amount of natural oils remain on each tail, and to those that are aficionados of Bucktail like us, it means hair that is easy to control on the vice, and each tail has hair that has maximum action in the water. 

All hides are dyed here in Australia by us at Beast Brushes using high end industrial dyes. We have now started to list the tails individually so you know exactly the tail your getting. This is a massive task on our part, but as natural products go, there is often a lot of variation between tails, and in the name of transparency, it would make us feel a lot better if you knew exactly what you were getting.  

At Beast Brushes, we use bucktail to tie with and to fish with, we believe we know bucktail better than any of our competitors. Put us to the test, let us know what sort of tail you want, and if we don't have it, we will let you know. We would rather not take your money than sell you a tail not fit for purpose.  

The Beast Fleye above tied by Beast Brushes owner Chris Adams. Does your bucktail seller tie technical bucktail flies, or just enough to get by ?

Please watch this video we put together that explains a bit about Bucktail selection

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