Beast Brushes

Our range of Beast Brushes are made in Australia by a real active Flyfisherman who uses and abuses these brushes so to consistently improve them for on the vice and on the water.

Through a careful balance of materials, the 240v Brush, the Bait Ball Brush and the Yowie Blend Brush have been developed for optimal performance for Game Changers. They have been developed to trim easily and give you the perfect density to make your fly swim as it takes the path of least resistance through the water. 

Not only do we continue to offer the worlds most proven Game Changer brushes in 3 very different formats to suit various size Game Changers, but we offer some of the buggiest brushes for your flats flies ( crusty Beast and Beechy Brush) and most luscious brushes for your collars ( 240v Pearl).

Proudly Australian made !! And we ship these all over the world, if you have any questions, please ask.