Dyl's hand Tied Flies


Dylans has closed his book until early 2023 due to work load 

Flies purchased from this section are drop shipped from the fly tyer. You will need to buy these separately from Beast Brushes shop items as the shipping will be separate
Dyl’s Hand Tied Flies
Commercial fly tier based in Western Australia , specializing in premium durable flies .
I grew up in a small country town in Donnybrook south west of Western Australia ,where my passion for
fishing and the out doors began . I began fly tying at a young age and was fascinated with the sport ,
spending my afternoons and weekends tying trout flies .Now in my 30s I have a huge love for fly fishing
and over the years have spent a lot of time tying and testing flies in my local water and abroad to ensure
my flies fish and function well . I pride myself on my work and hope you guys enjoy the results

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