Sight Cast Fishing Company

At Sight Cast Fishing Company, our passion is saltwater fly fishing. Everything we do is designed for the shallow flats and backwater marshes. Seeing the fish, making the perfect cast, executing the presentation. That rush of adrenaline watching the fish eat. That’s what we live for. That’s why we sight cast.

The idea started back in 2012, two brothers from Houston, Texas set out to provide the highest quality flies, fly tying materials, and apparel crafted for the Gulf Coast and Eastern Seaboard fly fisherman. Our early beginnings on the upper Texas coast were built developing unique saltwater fly patterns and fine tuning the classic ones. Now we have grown to include a full line of fly tying materials using the same materials we use to tie our flies, and offering a line of apparel that reflects the love for being out there on the water. We will continue to drive innovation, always place the highest importance on quality, and aim to make your days on the water more productive and, in turn, more memorable.