Flats Craft

A range of incredibly well proven products that have been designed and manufactured here at Beast Brushes. All flats craft designs have had community input by both Permit guides and gun Permit anglers to ensure that the products, when tied correctly do exactly what you want a flats fly to do. 

All Flats Craft products feature the following;
  • Ultra realistic designs exhibiting caricatures that are known to trigger an eat.
  • Deep articulations that allow the legs to fold up on the eat so not obstruct the fly entering the fishes mouth.
  • Strategically designed and extensively tested to use the drag of the water to assist the fly as it sinks, so to maintain a hook point up descent (incase of mid water eat) and land hook point up everytime. Also will not flip or roll when dragged over sand, rock or weed.
  • Zero water absorption. Flats Craft products weigh the same wet or dry making them easier to cast when it counts.
  • Smooth surface, not unlike a crab shell, that is less wind resistant than other fly tying materials, again making that heavy crab easier to cast.
  • Flats Craft products come in a range of proven colours. The material takes very well to marker pens such as Chartpack or Copic markers found on this site. 
  • Tough flexible material that displays the right amount of flex so that the fly swims correctly and feels natural
  • Is easy to tie, thread will not cut it, accepts quality glue and resin such as E6000 and RaidZap UV Urethane. Takes a few minutes to tie. 
  • The most unique thing about Flats Craft products is that the guy who makes them fishes them (Beast Brushes owner pictured below)... how many manufacturers of Saltwater Flyfishing materials can say that !! That's got to be good for you !!

So many reasons why you should pick the most productive crab legs in the world... but most of all results can't be fabricated... 100's of Permit and other flats fish have eaten these.... The next one could be yours. 

Click Here for all the Flats Craft Tying videos