RaidZap XACT Adjustable Bobbin


New Improved model !! Re-engineered stronger spring steel arms and even easier locking of adjustable stem with low friction coating on spool cones. Gen 3 from the G10 Bobbin. New model comes with Bobbin threader. 

An incredible piece of engineering in that way that its simple functionality offers fly tyers an endless range of comfort no matter if your tying the smallest midge fly, to a 10/0 Beast Fleye or cinching down masses of Belly Hair on a Deerhair Diver, all with the one bobbin. But lets just forget the interchangeable tips for a moment and look at the features of the XACT Bobbin as if it was your run of the mill non adjustable bobbin.

The XACT Bobbin features a carbide tube that offers superior heat dissipation to even ceramic. Its a hell of a lot more durable than ceramic in that if you drop the bobbin even on concrete, you will not ruin your tool. The carbide tip is monolithic meaning that it has no pressed in parts of inserts. The level of durability with this material selection is second to none and the smoothness and ability to dissipate heat means even the finest silk threads will function as smooth as a 200 denier GSP thread

Your spool is secured in place via two sturdy spring steel arms that employ tapered non friction coated steel cones that hold your bobbin in position. These cones create little drag enabling the thread to peel off with very low inertia, again suiting threads of all deniers. 

The 2 interchangeable heads (supplied) are knurled allowing minimal effort to adjust either your short or long tube (supplied) up or down to your desired length. They also offer 2 options in weight so you can pick what suits your style, or how much weight secures your thread to your fly in progress while you use your hands to grab more material.

The Raidzap XACT truly is the bobbin you have been looking for to  handle everything you do.