Peak Magnum Hex Stacker


The Peak Magnum Hex Stacker is for people who want to manage a bail of Deerhair. Using the stacker for Deerhair gets a much neater finish for controlling the tips, but also if you want to manage hair in advanced way such as blending buts and tips or for stirring hair with a bodkin to blend colours. Works for Belly Hair or Bucktail.

Essentially, PEAK’s Magnum Hex Stacker is designed to handle large bundles of hair for spinning and longer hairs such as bucktail. The opening at the top is a massive 28.7mm  in diameter and the cavity for the hair is 80mm deep. The base also works well for holding multiple colours of hair while stirring to blend colour mixes. The non-plated aluminum body won’t build up static, so hair doesn’t cling to the tube. Both the top and bottom of the PEAK Magnum Hex Stacker are hexagonal so neither end will roll off your table and hit your foot you gumby haha.