Hareline Polypropylene (Poly Yarn)


Hareline Poly Yarn is 100% Polypropylene which many of you will know floats high in the water. We are definitely aware that you can use this tuff for some trout flies, but we live too far north for that, and we can tell you that Polyyarn is an essential ingredient in Merriman's Toad Flies.

Toad flies are a Tarpon flies that when modified, are great flies for wild Barra, Mangrove Jacks or Indo Tarpon.. but Toad Flies tied correctly, are one of the deadliest Saratoga flies if you find your self in a position to sight fish for those prehistoric fish. 

Hareline Polypropylene is smaller than regular Poly Yarn which lends itself to smaller flies and variegated colours without crowding the hook when tying toads.