Flats Craft "The ArtiMerc" Crab Legs


The ArtiMerc (Articulated Mercules Crab), is an Articulated Claw crab fly that is quick to tie, doesn't foul when casting or fishing and offers an incredible defensive action both when moving or when still... what self respecting crab eating fish wouldn't eat a crab waving its claws at them !! Below is the swim test video, please set your setting to 4K to really get a good look at it.

This is going to be a killer fly all over the world !! Permit, Bream, Redfish, Bonefish, Golden Trevally, Tuskfish, Blue Bastards, Giant Trevally, Sheepshead, Black Drum, Grunter or any other fish that swims that eats crabs.

Tie it heavy, tie it so light it floats. 

If you want the fly tying video, it's a private YouTube video that is only available to customers who have purchased the ArtiMerc crab legs (sorry, only the ArtiMerc, not other Flats Craft products). Being a private YouTube video, you will need to submit to us (Notes to seller in the cart) the same email address you use for YouTube so that we can send you a link for the video to that address. You will need to be logged into YouTube with that email address before using the link to access the video. If you don't ask for the video in notes to seller, you can also email us at beastbrushes@gmail.com with the address you use for YouTube. If you don't ask at all, no link will be sent. 

The ArtiMerc, is available in 5 colours and 5 legs to a bag.