Cortland Bonefish


Cortland is the line of choice in the birth place of Saltwater Flyfishing, and that is in the Florida Keys. Its obvious why with lines like this Bonefish line, as clearly they talk to guys who live and fish for Bonefish, I mean look at that taper !! This line is built for those fish that both show up miraculously at your feet or are tailing at 80ft.. The white head offers the least amount of contrast against the sky to a fish looking up and the most for an angler looking down so you know where your fly is but the fish doesn't know where your line is..... Brilliant !!

The Bonefish is a Saltwater fish, but the Bonefish line doesn't not cater for all Saltwater fishing. If you want the low down on fly selection, get in touch we doubt many shop owners in Australia both have 15 year old IFFF casting instructor experience and have as much champagne Saltwater fishing locally. We can fit you out with a line based on real experience. 

WATER: Saltwater
LINE: Floating 
TAPER: Weight Forward
LENGTH: 105ft
CORE: Monofilament  

• Aggressive Front Taper
• Smooth Casting
• Highly Accurate

    The Bonefish line features an aggressive taper that loads rods easily for close shots. Elongated rear taper provides excellent loop control when you need to carry line for long range targets.