Beast Brushes Articulated Shanks

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After many years of tying Game Changers and other patterns using shanks brought into our country, the owners of Beast Brushes commissioned the manufacture of our own line of Articulation Shanks. We have attempted to set ourselves apart here by employing the use of anodised Stainless Steel. The anodising process was chosen when the option was presented to us by the manufacturer, and from there the benefits were highlighted. The anodising reduces friction as Stainless is a soft metal, it also reduces the possibility of corrosion as even though stainless steel is very corrosion resistant, it can still happen. Those two benefits alone where enough for both of us to think that the Beast Articulation Shanks, could actually allow a Game Changer to swim better.

With the use of other products, we also noticed that the eye of the shank was formed away from the tier, and formed a blind spot. This blind spot didn't allow the tier to see how the thread was getting laid over the end of the stainless wire, and often would result in an accidentally cutting the thread at a very crucial part of the tie. Beast Brushes Articulation Shanks remedy that problem by having the eye formed toward the tier.

Available in standard world wide accepted sizes in all forms of fishing, consisting of 20 shanks per pack The Beast Brushes Articulation shanks also come available in a mixed bag consisting of 5 x each size