Beast Brushes Articulated Shanks


After many years of tying Game Changers and other patterns using shanks brought into our country, the owners of Beast Brushes commissioned the manufacture of our own line of Articulation Shanks. We have attempted to set ourselves apart here by carfefully considering the materials used. In this circumstance we have used anodizing over 316 grade and 304 stainless on the non anodized product. The anodizing does reduce friction on the soft 316 and those are still available. Through recent events (Covid19) we have been forced to look elsewhere but believe we have carefully select the correct material in 304 for its higher tensile properties which will allow for better articulation because its harder than 316.  These two options alone where enough for  us to think that the Beast Articulation Shanks, could actually allow a Game Changer to swim better when used with our brushes... like all our products, a lot of thought, consideration and product testing goes in before they are for sale

With the use of other products, we also noticed that the eye of the shank was formed away from the tier, and formed a blind spot. This blind spot didn't allow the tier to see how the thread was getting laid over the end of the stainless wire, and often would result in an accidentally cutting the thread at a very crucial part of the tie. Beast Brushes Articulation Shanks remedy that problem by having the eye formed toward the tyer.

Available in standard world wide accepted sizes in all forms of fishing, consisting of 20 shanks per pack.

 If selecting a 20mm pro pack, please specify Blue or Silver in checkout. If no selection is made, Blue will be the default.