Arctic Fox Tail Rings


Arctic Fox has taken off as a core material for any fly tyer to have and we have found an incredible source of large full tail rings in 14 vibrant colours.

In many places you will hear arctic foxtail referred to as a "marabou substitute," but the comparison is misleading. Although both materials move hypnotically in the water, foxtail is very different, and in some respects, more versatile and durable.

Unlike marabou, arctic foxtail is a dense, highly tapered fur with long, substantial guard hairs. With our the tails, the guard hairs typically represent roughly 50 percent of the total package, and they are among the best-tapered hair you'll find on any natural material. Foxtail guard hairs also have a natural sheen and, on certain tails, a hint of translucence reminiscent of polar bear hair. Like bucktail, the guard hairs have just enough stiffness and structural integrity to retain their basic shape, but they are supple enough to move with every twitch of current or stripping action.

You can see why Arctic Fox is used widely to tie shrimp flies, popper tails, dubbing loops and anywhere the above explanation applies to your fly tying.