240v Brush



The 240 v Brush has been developed especially for Game Changers, and through hours of trialling on water tests and creating many unusable flies in the process, we have ended up with the perfect blend and density of materials. The goal was to be able to create a user friendly brush that improves on what has been previously available worldwide that allows the fly to swim properly, sheds water easily, is easy to trim, uses the balance of flash v other materials to obtain the perfect buoyancy and to hold colours  from marker pens exceptionally well. The 240v brush is not limited to Game changer flies, the brush can also be used for many brush head style flies.

The 240v Brush comes in a pack of 3 per colour. It is suited to Game Changers 4-6" long and is approx 55mm wide (+ or - 3mm)

Same day delivery if ordered before 11:00 am Brisbane, Australia time