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240v Pearl Collaring Brush


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Availability resumes 16th of May 2024 - due to manufacturing maintenance

The 240v Pearl is a collaring brush that is ideal for all baitfish flies such as GT Brush Flies, Chosen Ones, Kinky Muddlers and any other variation of brush head fly you can think of.

This brush is the prefect density for the flies mentioned above so that when used for heads or collars with a fine tinsel flash with a core material that is slightly less dense than water so that it acts similarly to the properties of natural materials. 

240v Pearl, was originally in with the original 240v range, but we have moved it as the benefits for this brush as a collar / head as opposed for use with Game Changers was quickly becoming evident.

These are all made in house at Beast Brushes, on The Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

All brushes now come in paper bags in an effort to reduce single use plastic. If you still want a plastic bag, you will need to request one at checkout. Please consider reusing your plastic bags.