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Crusty Beast Brush


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Availability resumes 16th of May 2024 - due to manufacturing maintenance

Our latest brush is designed for all your Crustacean needs. The Crusty Beast Brush is a blend of very fine and coarse fibres that offers a lot of body with a marabou like movement at rest and a certain translucence when wet, which is great for flats species that like to look at their prey to challenge if it's real before smashing it. The material selection allows you to tie flies from #8 size to 4/0 and has been made with a density of materials that assists in quick casts with little water retention properties.

Available in the three most dominant flats colours, with an increasing range available soon.

3 brushes per pack (aprox 5 shrimps per brush) 

Flies in pictures are tied on Ahrex NS110 Saltwater hooks

All brushes now come in paper bags in an effort to reduce single use plastic. If you still want a plastic bag, you will need to request one at checkout. Please consider reusing your plastic bags.