Cortland Compact Sink 9


Whether sinking it way down, or peppering a steep bank and being confident your following the contour, or getting it where it needs to be fast with moving water.. the Compact Sink 9 gets it done. The unique aspect of this line is that it’s the only Sink 9 on the market in the grain envelope that suits modern rods and bulky flies, it is also the only fast sink line on the market suited to handle all water temps from cold water to tropical water !! 

This from Cortland 

Our Specialty Series Compact Sink Type 9 features a 28 ft. type 9 (8-9 IPS) sinking head with a short 3 ft. front taper for turning over large, air-resistant flies. The short 2 ft. back taper helps load this line quickly and makes it extremely shootable. Intermediate running line removes any hinges in the line and gives you a smooth transition into the depths.

This dual colored line features our low stretch braided nylon core for consistent, powerful hook sets and ultimate stopping power. Our signature Shooting Technology keeps your line remaining slick, supple and fast shooting. The black and light blue color combination distinguishes taper change and is traceable yet stealthy in both freshwater and saltwater environments.