4.75” General Purpose Hair Scissors


These general purpose hair scissors are of exceptional quality.. so why the low price? The Answer is simple, we purchase direct from the manufacturer, and when compared to big name brands who also buy from the same manufacturer, these don’t need to make money for the distributor, then the shop… the price reflects 2 companies missing out on your hard earned.

like any high quality pair of fly tying scissors, these are made with high carbon steel which helps to maintain an edge when cutting all sorts of demanding materials… all the way to the tip. 

Tyers that tie with a lot of natural material will appreciate these scissors, as will those who trim Game Changers… we use these scissors when manufacturing brushes, and they last for a very long time even when cutting dubbing wire all day. 

For the price, compared to big names, you could afford to get two and let your family “borrow” a pair for all those miscellaneous tasks while you stash your good pair for fly tying ; )