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Cordeirio’s Platinum Flat Wing Saddles


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The name Joe Cordeiro is synonymous with Flat Wing Flies all over the world. We are very happy to offer the Flat Wing Fan community simply the best option for Flat Wing feathers that exist on this planet. Not only are these  Flat Wing Saddles the best you can get, we have them in the rarest grade there is… Platinum. 

We can dye these any colour you want for free as an introductory special (saves $10). Just put a note to seller in the checkout with the colour you want and we will either make it happen or contact you if there is an issue. Please allow 2 days past order for curing of the hide. 

If you are serious about Flat Wings, or only demand the best for your Pop Fleyes, Deceivers or Bendbacks… these are the highest end quality Saltwater saddles you can get. 

Platinum has the highest quality and the highest feather count

Gold has the same quality of Platinum but slightly less feather count