Yowie Fibre


The same material that we make Yowie Blends and Yowie Blend Brushes is now available in very generous and very economical hanks!! A regularly requested product that's now available in 18 colours.

Yowie Fiber is a medium stiffness lightly crimped fibre that trims incredible well and stacks to build volume with little bulk very easily. The unique properties of this material that we have sourced make it ideal for all synthetic flies. The Low sheen qualities of the product allow the tier to control the level of flash in the fly to suit the the type of fishing you or your customer require... this makes Yowie Fibre incredible diverse for its use in flies.

Flies such as synthetic Deceivers, Kinky Mudlers, Finger Mullets, Gunnar Brammer's "Chosen One", Fat Boys, 3D minnows, Bush Pigs, Brush Flies also for reverse tying synthetic hollows or to fill bucktail out.... and also the Purple and Black is used on Ammo Flies vampires. The list is endless.

Yowie Blend is best compared to these popular well known products. Yowie is very similar to Farrah Blend without the added flash, it would only be  slightly coarser too. Yowie is less coarse than kinky fibre and is a lot less slippery to tie with. Yowie also does not have the sheen level or springiness that kinky fibre has making it much easier to work with. 

Sold exclusively in Australia through Beast Brushes

Each Hank is 30cm and weighs 11 grams !!