UV Resin Caddy


Don't you hate it when your just at the end of your masterpiece, and you go to reach for the resin and you end up waiting what seems like years for it to run to the to the tip? Or the syringe tip is clogged? Well, that's been our problem too. 

Here at Beast Brushes, we get it because we tie and fish too and as a result, have designed and manufactured this resin caddy that makes so much sense that you will wonder why no one has done it before. 

Handles your average 4 x 15ml bottles plus a torch, easily fits on your bench and also accommodates bottles with syringe tops and silicone caps.

Holes for bottles are 20mm and hole for torch is 30mm 

Total length 140mm. Total width 60mm, Total height 60mm

Made from 100% biodegradable PLA (derived from corn starch)

(caddy does not come with resin or torch pictured)