Sight Cast Crackle Flash


 Made from the same material as Crack Wrap, now available in a 7” hank. This flash is thin, subtle, and ultra-fine and is made with a unique blend of water-fluid fibers and a hint of UV mylar strips.

Once you see its movement in the water, we are certain this product will become one of your favorite tying materials for many of your fly patterns.. Use it on all of your baitfish flies, streamers, and in the tails of your saltwater patterns.

Great for building GameChanger flies. Use the length of flash you need to get that tapered look you’re after. The colors will match perfectly with Crack Wrap so you can use both on the same fly pattern.

  • Quantity: Approximately 600 strands per package

  • Length: 7”

  • Available in 15 fishy colors.