RaidZap UV Resin Black Widow 15ml


RaidZap is the market leader in both performance and safety (for you, your kids and your pets). RaidZap is considered by many professional tyers ( excluding those with commercial pro team agreements) as the best resin they have ever used. RaidZap is unique in formula and we can put pen to paper publicly when I tell you, there is nothing on the market like RaidZap, not even close.

This listing is for RaidZap Black Widow in a 15ml bottle. New formula Raidzap in Black has been a long time coming, why ? Because while other companies were in a rush to out compete each other, RaidZap sat back and got it right which meant a Black that truly cures and is flexible, that's right flexible with industry leading adhesion and cures all the way through... an industry first in Black. Best set with a 365nm torch like the 5w USB rechargeable RaidZap torch available on this website, however RaidZap has been designed to be so user friendly that you can use any UV torch for great results. 

Each pack contains 1 x Bottle, 1 x Brush cap, 1 x Needle Applicator and one black silicone cap.