Lively legs


Lively Legs are a super soft and 100% (or more) elastic, gin clear material. The examples of flies you see here are use on resin shrimp, and Lively Legs definitely adhere to UV resin such as RaidZap. Lively legs can also be used as knotted legs on any type of shrimp or mantis fly, as they take ink extremely well also... including Fluoro markers. Lively Legs could also be used as ribbing on Crazy Charlies or even as clear or hot tipped rubber legs. 

All fish that live in clear pressured salt and fresh water react better to less obvious presentations. Fish like Bream, Golden Trevally, Whiting, Permit, Blue Bastards and Tuskies are perfect targets for flies tied with this material.

Each pack contains 1 meter of Lively Legs material.