Light Horseman fly Emu Plumes


The Light Horseman fly has gone down in Australian Fly Fishing folklore as one of the most effective wild Murray Cod flies available. One of the most dominant materials to this pattern is Emu Plumes, and this is also where the name comes from in honor of the brave Light Horseman brigade. We have on offer a a range of Emu Plumes in bags that are available in colours that lend themselves to baitfish that our Iconic Murray Cod would hunt for.

  • Natural - Common baitfish
  • Olive - Baby Cod
  • Yellow - Carp
  • Dark Orange - Redfin

This fly suits the Ahrex PR320 hook, commonly a 6/0.  Green eyes in 10mm like the Sybai Green Edge eyes, are traditionally used with the natural coloured Horsie fly