How to tie a Gav's Crab Free Video


Temporarily removed... apologies for the inconvenience. Video available privately with purchase of legs (moon, mutineer or mandaclawrian) or Gav's Crab kits.  

If you want this video, make sure you have purchase history with us (of Flats Craft products) , and then send us via email ( the email address associate with your YouTube account

The video is now a private video on YouTube, because as the creator of this video, we are sick of educating our competitors who not only don't spend time on the water with any development, but simply rip off others hard work. I am sure that if you're reading this, you are probably aware of those that don't even live where Moon Crabs exist attempting to enter the market with their own Moon crabs....Beware of those people or anyone peddling fly tying material who you have never seen holding a fish caught on one of their own flies ; )

Video only available with purchase of our crab legs or kits... not for individual viewing. After purchasing, please send email address you use to log into YouTube and we will send a link to that address. You will need to be logged into your YouTube account to view which is why we need to send to that address.

Photo of Permit with Gav's Crab in its mouth, courtesy of Paul Dolan from Mackay Fly and Sportfishing.