Gnarly Headz


“The most advanced popper head you will ever use.”

Hook exposure is probably the most crucial issue when it comes to designing and tying poppers. If the hook is not exposed enough or correctly it means that the head design is not right, or the incorrect hook was selected for that specific head

“A popper-head should never be wider than what it is high unless the mounted hook gape is equal or greater

than the width of the head.”

Arno Laubscher

Below are the recommended minimum hook measurements for each popper head size. By following these measurements, you will be able to search for a suitable hook in your chosen hook brand.

Minimum recommended hook measurements

Shank Length -    S-17mm    M-21mm    L-23mm   XL-29mm 

Hook Gape -   S -12mm   M-13mm    L-16mm     XL-20mm

Recommended hooks -     

Saltwater -     S-#2/0, L-#4/0, XL-#6/0

Freshwater/Bugs -    S-#8, M-#6, L#2

3D Eye Size -   S-6mm, M-6mm, L-8mm, XL-9.5mm

Pack Quantity- S-8, M-6, L-6, XL-4