Saddle Hackle (Strung)


The Fish Hunter brand offers a select range of long thin Saddle feathers that offer a very high yield per pack. Out of all the packets of feathers we looked at before stocking the shop with Saddle that we would use, the Fish Hunter Range was a real standout. We are proud to be the only shop in Asutralia that has discovered this fine product that we now bring to you... I'm sure we wont be the only ones for long though ; )

The reason we are stocking these is because they are the perfect long thin feather for Deceivers, which translates over to so many flies such as Bufords, Bendbacks, Bucktail Deceivers, Hollow Fleyes, and Whistlers just to name a few. cod fishermen and other large fly tiers will enjoy the generous sized pack that's well suited to their type of flies.