Deer Hair Diver Lesson


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Learn how to tie a basic Deer Hair Diver ( Dahlberg Diver) with this very detailed video. Learn how to tie these flies so that they float all week, land correctly and are extremely durable around toothy critters and pliers. In this video we will expand on the teachings offered by Pat Cohen's modern techniques and go into detail about how to make all the dots line up, how to use a straight blade when trimming, how to build a tail to assist the packing of the Deerhair, how to put rubber legs in and how to recess the eyes to increase durability are just some of the lessons in this video. In addition to the tying techniques, the basic tool and material selection required is also discussed.

This lesson is the foundation to all stacked and packed Deer hair flies.   

Hint - Write down the time you see the process change so if you need to watch the trimming again for example, you can scroll straight too it the next time you watch it.

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