Cortland Pike / Musky Sink 8


For you guys that are hunting those trophy impoundment Cod with a livescope or side image, the Cortland Pike/Musky Sink 8 is probable the most ideal line for throwing those big flies to fish that eat big swimbaits, making this line a potentially revolutionary line for the Murray Cod fishery in Australia!! Not to be guided by the name of this line, this line will still cut it in saltwater in this cold climates, making it a great option for Snapper and Mulloway. Simply work out how many inches you are seeing fish on the sounder and then divide that by 8... that's how many seconds you count down and you know your fly is right in its face !! Checkout the features of this line below... there is nothing else like it !!

The Specialty Series Pike Musky Sink 8 was designed to be fished in deep lakes and rivers. A 30ft Type 8 (8-8.5 IPS) sinking head pulls bulky flies down deep. X-Strong Core provides extra core strength and exceptional handling in the coldest months.

  • Type 8 Sinking Head 
  • Intermediate Running Line 
  • Aggressive Taper Design 
  • X-Strong Core 50lb