Cortland Compact Float Tropic Plus


For you guys that are likely to stay home on a windy day... now you have no more excuses!! The Cortland Compact Float was designed to turn over those large heavy wind resistant flies and send them into the next postcode if need be. 

Featuring an overly aggressive head made up of a 20' body, 3' front taper and 3 ' rear taper, you got a line that packs a punch directly into the wind, turns over Dahlbergs, Crabs, Game Changers and Beasts super easy.  With that 3' rear taper, the line loads super fast, just load and shoot, because fish don't live in the air : )

This dual coloured line features a braided nylon core with Cortland's signature Tropic Plus coating for withstanding the blistering heat while still remaining slick, supple and fast shooting. The yellow and aqua blue colour combination distinguishes taper change and is traceable yet stealthy to any species you may be targeting.

The Tropic Compact is one of our most versatile lines for tropic species. Never lose shots at fish again due to large flies, high winds or gnarly conditions.

WATER: Saltwater
LINE: Floating 
TAPER: Weight Forward
LENGTH: 100ft
CORE: Braided Nylon Multifilament