Cortland Bass Tapered Leader


Tapered Leaders are great for transferring that energy from the end of your fly line to the fly. This 7.5' Tapered leader is for turning over large wind resistant flies. Don't let the name "Bass" throw you either... this leader will not dissolve in saltwater. Crab flies, Poppers, Bendbacks... all turn over great. Simply knot a short shock tippet on to maintain the life of the leader. 

2 x leaders per pack

Designed with a stiff butt section to carry maximum energy from the fly line to the fly. A highly abrasion resistant nylon material is used for fishing heavy weed beds and docks. A slightly oversized tip diameter ensures better knot strength with larger hook sizes.

- Aggressive Taper
- Abrasion Resistance
- Superior Knot Strength

WATER: Freshwater
MATERIAL: Clear Nylon
LENGTHS: 7.5 ft