Candy Cases Waterproof Fly Box


Being the last kid on the block with a new product means the only way forward is to improve on what has previously been available. Candy Cases are Waterproof, saltwater fly boxes, that keep your fly candy neat, safe and dry for both long term and day use.

Candy Cases are made of a durable crystal clear and UV resistant ABS material that boast a very real waterproof IP67 rating made possible by the white silicone rubber seal and tough cam lock latches with a  stainless steel hinge pin.

So why go clear? We decided to roll with clear so you can easily identify the contents of each box without having to open it. That may not sound like much, but when you see the fish your chasing and you need to change flies, precious seconds of rummaging through your bag or boat can cost fish. So can rusty hooks, which has always been a problem with waterproof cases, but with a clear box, you will be able to detect the presences of water with a glance. 

The Candy Cases have a high density EVA slit foam layer that enables you to jam a stack of flies in there with hook sizes ranging from #10 to 10/0 effortlessly.

We decided to go with single sided slit foam so you can fit your Bass Bugs, Poppers, Hollow Flies in there without fear of crushing your work at the vice. Not much is worse that seeing flies like Surf Candies fixed to the lid and base stick together when the box is closed or Deerhair bugs crushes because competitors boxes are made for trout flies and not saltwater or predator flies. 

Candy Cases are 180mm (7") x 100mm (4")and 40mm (1.6") deep, easily fitting in your bag or pants pocket. See the 4/0 Dahlberg fit easily without crushing that Deerhair or see the box filled with enough flies for a day on the flats. 

These are not cheap flimsy boxes, the quality is evident as soon as you hold it.