Better Tails


Better Tails are a product unique to Beast Brushes that are designed to suit trimmed Game Changers so that not only do they look good, but they also assist the tying procedure and the action of the fly.

Made from a clear flexible thermoplastic material, Better Tails take very well to markers and paints. The material used with these Better Tails is not only flexible, it is also elastic which will not easily cut with thread so therefore requires no special attention when fixing to a shank.

Better Tails are only 0.8mm thick and also feature an air gap inside so that taper in weight is maintained once in the water. This enables Game Changers to swim at much slower speeds. Swimming at slower speeds is ideal for keeping the fly in the zone longer for fish that have seen a few flies.

The aesthetically correct design could assist in a last minute commitment from educated fish, as we the angler will never know what triggers that last minute commitment or rejection.

The design of these tails also allows gives the tyer a place to start the trimming from, ensuring consistent trimming no mater what the size of the fly or brush selected.

This Australian made product is sure to make a dent in number this spring in areas Game Changers exceed.

5 tails per pack, below is a guide only for which size tail suits which size Game Changer

  • Small suits a 3" fly
  • Medium suits a 4" fly
  • Large suits a 5" fly
  • Extra Large suits a 6" fly