Nude Tabs


Nude Tabs... Designed and developed by Beast Brushes as a smart solution to existing issues with Tab Eyes. Redesign as of September 2023

We all know the benefit of having eyes set back in position without a heap of glue undoing all that hard work on delicate materials such as bucktail flies or having eyes come off delicate synthetic materials. Original tab eyes use the highly visible silver foil that can break easily and similar looking clear versions only allow one type of eye design or the 3D eye simply falls off after a few casts.

Nude Tabs design allows you to use any eye you like whether its flat or 3D, and the problem of adhesion to the tab material is eliminated in this mesh design. Simply apply a coat of a clear flexible adhesive such as E6000 to the back of your chosen eye and push down allowing the glue to squeeze through the holes then spread that glue out ( add more if needed) over the back of the tab so that the glue traps the tab material.

Nude Tabs are only 0.4mm thick, are 400% elastomeric, cut resistant ( Thread tension won't cut it) and UV stable. 

We highly recommend E6000 glue, not UV resin, and not superglue ( any cyanoacetate glue will rehydrate). 

  • 8mm 10 Nude Tabs per pack
  • 10mm 10 Nude Tabs per pack
  • 12mm 10 Nude Tabs per pack
  • 15mm 8 Nude Tabs per pack