Cortland Ghost Tip 15 (Warmwater) DISCONTINUED


Get it while you can.. the legendary Cortland Ghost Tip

Cortland's Ghost Tip 15 is part of the Cortland Tropic series which is no joke when it comes to making that shot. Designed to be fished in the heat, this coating remains hard and slick which really helps to reduce those knots that come off that floor when your line is peeling out or when you need that extra few feet of casting distance to count. The Ghost tip 15 features a a 15ft clear intermediate tip with a high floating aqua running line that blends into tropical environments making this line ideal for all fast moving flats species, or pin point accurate casts into those snags for sight fishing fish like Barra and Jacks. The choice of many resident tropical flyfisho and a line that should be considered by this travelling for the trip of a lifetime also. 

Its just a great line for for those stealthy presentations in salt water.

 Now DISCONTINUED, get them while they last.