Cortland Compact Intermediate


The Compact intermediate line is an extremely versatile line with a clear intermediate head and a floating running line that is equally at home casting long casts for schooling pelagic... putting that heavy crab fly on the money for your one shot at a permit... or casting large wind resistant Cod or Barra flies around all day.

The coating is what Cortland call "Temperature Versatile" meaning that this coating has been designed to suit a range of temperatures from cold waters to tropical waters both fresh and salt. The aggressive front taper eliminates false casts which is ideal for covering water or for putting your fly in front of fast fish.

We have included taper design and grain weights in this listing for you to make an informed decision. We use every Cortland line we stock so if there is any questions you may have please reach out and we will do our best to help you make an informed decision prior to purchase.