How to get Ammo

February 08, 2019

Ammo Flies is owned and operated on a full time business by Chris Adams. Ammo is a separate company to Beast Brushes but Chris is part owner of Beast Brushes........Clear as mud?......Lets move on ; )
Here I will explain how to order the flies that are cataloged in this section. Essentially, all of the Ammo flies that you see here are actual customers flies, and are shown here as examples, there is no stock of pre tied flies with Ammo Flies, all flies are custom tied.
If you see flies here that you want to order, please contact Chris over at and he will then send you an email with ordering and payment details. 
Lead times with all flies are 3 weeks past cleared payment until they are placed in the mail, but given the unpredictable flow of custom orders, lead times can rarely increase to as much as 5 weeks. Feel free to contact Chris on the email address above or via his social media accounts to inquire about current lead times.
Ammo Flies is a custom fly tier that ties flies that sell worldwide. For shipping outside of Australia, please contact Chris at There are many Ammo bugs outside of Australia and given the exchange rate to AUD from most currencies, the fly (flies) plus shipping works out very economical in most circumstances.
All prices you see here are in Australian Dollars (AUD) and are based on the manufacturing time it takes to achieve a high level of durability and aesthetic qualities in addition to an assured action. All these flies are designed to be fished hard, and are always built to maximise your limited time on the water. You are welcome to purchase flies and use them as displays, but they are all built to be thrown to the lions.
Where known, credit is always given to the originator of the patterns featured here.
Please enjoy browsing a selection of flies tied by Chris Adams of Ammo Flies