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Yowie Blend Brushes


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The Yowie Blend brushes are made up of our propriety materials called " Yowie Blend" and is unique to Beast Brushes. This materials was sourced as an alternative to other similarly looking synthetics for its workabilty, diameter and sheen level. We also wanted a material that created a dynamic action as the resistance of the materials passed through the water allowing for a very realistic swimming action and profile maintenance on large Game Changers and Brush Flies

Again, another brush that has been intended for Game Changers. The YBB, allows for superior palmering and manageability as it winds on the shank, reducing the amount of trapped fibres which makes for a faster tie. The YBB has also been developed to trim exceptionally well with its slip resistant properties and density of materials on the brush. 

On trimmed large flies, the structural integrity created by the materials between articulations will also allow a more horizontal plane of movement as opposed to a vertical plane of movement, replicating the action of an actual fish more accurately. Even more so when used in conjunction with Beast Articulation Shanks.

The YBB is intended for Game Changers 7' and onward. the brush is approx 70mm wide and 12" long.

These are all made in house at Beast Brushes, on The Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

All brushes now come in paper bags in an effort to reduce single use plastic. If you still want a plastic bag, you will need to request one at checkout. Please consider reusing your plastic bags.