Flats Craft The Mandaclawrian Crab Legs


This design was absolutely based on a Blue Crab or Blue Swimmer, but...we felt it was unfair to just have this design out there for just Blue Crabs...,. silly name, but we like Star Wars ; ) 

The Mandaclawrian, is designed and manufactured in Australia, this design is unique to Beast Brushes. 

New Design 2023 !! All of our crab leg designs allow for more articulation in the right parts so it lands right, more visible legs, more defined claws and now an option for standing claws !!

These Blue Crab or Critter components have been designed and developed and now made in Australia by fisherman to realistically match your locally found crabs or a reaction getting critter

These components offer the tier an ultra realistic fly that is as simple or complicated as you want to make it. The material used to make these components is soft and will sink. The material also takes ink and paint well. 

Pack sizes -

Small - 5

Medium - 5

Large - 5

Extra Extra Large (75mm across) - 3

(Pictures showing carapaces, hooks, and coloured components for finished flies are for display only)