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The Dons Choice pack


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A selection of flies for Christmas Island bonefish that are carefully selected by the Don of Christmas Island Bonefish Andrew Vockler of the Villages and Chris Adams. This selection comes in a waterproof "Candy Case" slit foam box (More info on the box here Candy Cases). The flies here are all tied on Ahrex SA220 hooks both size 8 and size 10 and Size 8 SA250 on the " Hold My Beer" and "Borgs Boner" . Each fly is finished of with a very liberal dose of RaidZap UV cure urethane ensuring these flies will last many fish. Put simply, these Ammo Flies tied flies have the selection and the build quality that is of the highest standard possible.

Not sure if its the right box for you ? Good Question, and one you should ask !!

No one in Australia has spent more time on Christmas Island or has caught more CXI Bonefish than Andrew Vockler...that combined with Chris having been there 4 times himself, (which likely makes him the most experienced commercial tyer for CXI flies in Australia) is the experience you should be looking for when buying commercially tied flies.  In fact it would be fair to say that this fly selection has got more experience behind it than any other selection of Bonefish flies in Australia, simply because of the amount times both of the guys who put this selection together, have been to CXI compared to other flies available. 

Each box contains the following;

  • 6 x Size 8 Tan Gotchas Gold Dumbbell Eyes
  • 3 x Size 10 Tan Gotchas Gold Bead Chain Eyes
  • 6 x Size 8 Purple Murple Gold Dumbbell Eyes
  • 2 x Size 8 Purple Murple Gold Bead Chain Eyes
  • 3 x Size 10 Purple Murple Gold Dumbbell Eyes
  • 4 x Size 8 Moana's Chilli Pepper Gold Dumbbell Eyes
  • 3 x Size 10 Moana's Chilli Pepper Gold Dumbbell Eyes
  • 5 x Size 8 George Bush Gold Bead Chain Eyes
  • 5 x Size 10 George Bush Gold Bead Chain Eyes
  • 6 x Size 8 Borgs Boner Chartreuse Nickel Dumbbell Eyes
  • 4 x Size 8 Hold My Beer Gold Dumbbell Eyes

47 Bonefish flies that veterans of the Island choose which is also the flies the famous guides from the villages reach for first. All this in a ultra high quality waterproof clear case ready to go. 

Boxes of Flies are not tied to order, they are ready to ship with any other Beast Brushes product seen in store (flylines, materials, leader materials etc) . Boxes will only become available when they are listed here. No bespoke orders will be accepted.