Sub 3" Hair Bucktail SPECIAL


It's on again !!

Never to be repeated, below cost.... we just have too much sitting here. So, why would you need short Bucktail ? The main reason is that it saves your precious long hair, and also bucktail doesn't perform when you need to cut it down. Short Bucktail should be as much in demand as long stuff, but the trends are leaning towards long stuff these days.. everyone wants to tie Pop Fleyes. Here is a list of uses for Short Bucktails;

  • Obviously Clousers
  • Undersized Bendbacks
  • Crazy Charlies / Gotchas
  • Chins on larger flies like Flatwings so to prevent tail wrapping and keep the chin inside the gape 
  • Popper tails
  • Practice tails (tying and dyeing) 
  • Buford Heads or any spun bucktail head
  • Bucktail Brushes

IF YOU WANT THEM DYED - You can either wait for an undetermined time (could be months, could be days) when we have a batch of that colour, or you will need to buy 10 tails for each colour you want dyed. 

WE WILL NOT CHERRY PICK AT THIS PRICE - please don't ask us for a certain tail, requests will be ignored. At this special price, we reach in and grab out of the tub what we grab first. The tails vary in quality and hide size, overall I would say the tails are soft and very usable. If your worried, grab more than one.