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Strip Clip LMD


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The Strip clip is a Line Management Device (LMD) that's lightweight, easy to use and is much less cumbersome than a traditional stripping basket. 

Use the Strip Clip LMD in these scenarios- 

  • When stalking fish from the bank
  • When wading in water to avoid the water tension when picking your line up off the water
  • When sight fishing from a boat to avoid standing on your line, or boat clutter

Any time your line can get caught on plants, sharp rocks, boat clutter or just to make unobstructed casts, the Strip Clip LMD is very cheapo insurance for a hassle free day.

The Strip Clip LMD is best suited to short cast direct from the clip, or using it to carry line to cast off the ground. Its best to use large loops kept to a minimum so to prevent tangles, this clip will take practice.

The Strip Clip LMD is fully adjustable, this is made possible with 2 Stainless steel bolts that are easily adjusted with the 2 oversized knobs. The Strip Clip can go from clamping down firmly on your line, to opening for the moist aggressive tapers including Spey lines.

The Strip Clip LMD is manufactured and designed here in Australia by us at Beast Brushes. Manufactured via FDM process there may be small imperfections.

Overall Dimensions - 120mm x 80mm x 25mm and 45g

3 Colours available, feel free to specify, but not all colours may be available at the time, but are available for next day shipping.