Red Bucktail


Each tail listed here is the actual tail you will get. In an effort to increase the safety of purchasing Bucktail online, we have gone that extra step and have undertaken this massive task. 

How it works... Simply choose the tag number in the drop down menu that corresponds with the tag shown in each picture. 

As many people know, the variation in natural materials is wild !! So why have one price that covers it all ? Our prices vary depending on the quality of the tail. Professional grading undertaken by Chris Adams of Ammo Flies and pro team member of Ahrex Hooks, RaidZap UV Resin and Peak Vices. 

If you have any questions at all that relate to the tail, please feel free to reach out, you are not annoying us by asking questions. After undertaking such a mammoth effort, the main goal is that you are completely satisfied. 

Colours marked Fl. indicate Fluorescent and are blinding under UV light.