RaidZap 365 PRO USB rechargeable torch


The RaidZap 365 Pro is the torch that is made for fly tying. Not only does it work with the least visible UV light (the less visible light the stronger the photo initiator's reaction. 365nm less visible light, 395nm more visible light) but it also boasts a massive 5w of power from a cordless torch!! This allows you to cure any brand of resin more efficiently and more evenly but most importantly, deeper, which is great for thick resin and reaching resin that has penetrated into fibres.

The RaidZap 365 PRO comes with a battery that you will not have to remove for 10,000 hours, making the product safe and environmentally friendly. The RaidZap 365 PRO comes an inbuilt USB charger, and after 10 hours of use your battery will need a charge, when it does you simply plug the cable (supplied in box) into a USB charge point like your computer or a USB compatible phone charger. The RaidZap 365 PRO has a processor inside the torch that allows the user to get next to full strength even when the battery is low, and will shut off after 10 hours instead of slowly running out of juice. The processor also protects the battery from overload during use and charging.

The RaidZap 365 PRO also has an LED button which is coloured green when in use and red when charging for added safety and added battery life by helping to prevent accidently leaving it on.

When unboxing the Raidzap 365 PRO for the first time, remove the safety plastic from the battery and plug the charger in.

The impressive specs for the RaidZap 365 is as follows;

Chip: RZ 365 9010 UV SP
Battery: 18650
Power: 5w
Material: 6061-T6
Size: 130mm,30mm,28mm
Powersource: 2300 mAh
Batterytime: 10 hours
Charging: Direct USB
Weight: 129 gram
Lifetime: 10.000 hours

Cannot ship battery internationally. International orders will ship without battery,