Peak Lap Extension


If you like the idea of working off the edge of your table, or while travelling need to clamp your vice to a fence post or something unusual, then the lap extension might just be what you have been chasing. Extend from a mounting point to work over your lap or a bin. 

The PEAK Lap Extension was designed with an eye to strength and functionality and fabricated from stainless steel and aircraft grade aluminium. It allows maximum flexibility in positioning your vise resulting in maximum comfort and tying enjoyment. Use it to raise or lower your vise and position the vise optimally from your tying bench. Compatible with vises using a 3/8” riser shaft. You can also mount accessories such as PEAK’s Waste Catcher, LED Tying Light, Tool Post Caddy or other accessories intended to mount on a 3/8” diameter shaft.

In the box is just the lap extension. Contents do not include the clamp or the vice shown in pictures, they are sold separately on this website.