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Omnispool Switchbox kit


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The kit, the place you want to start if you're new new to the clever Omnispool system. This kit includes 1 x Switchbox, 1 x Crank Handle, 1 x Line Care Box. To add to this system you only need to collect more switchboxes.

So if you're looking for an alternative to purchasing a new spare spool? The omnibox Switchbox is a very cost effective alternative to spare spool that allows you to quickly and easily store flylines and or backing to an easy to manage spool. The Omnispool Switchbox is the basis of the set up and is interlock able for easy storage

Quickspool — quick loading and unloading of reels; quick, easy line changes on the water; easy handling in conjunction with rod and reel. Load ’em up.
Travel — select the lines you need for each outing, clip them together and throw them in your gear bag – find them when you need them; robust but light; protection against salt and grit.
Stack — clip them together for simple organisation out in the field and when you get back to base; label your switchboxes for easy line identification. Sort them, stack them, store them.