Heads Or Tails (Full Movie)


For the first time, this iconic Australian Saltwater Flyfishing film is available for streaming and is only available worldwide from Beast Brushes.

Presented by Mad Phil Media, Heads or Tails is a film about 2 dudes (Geoff Anderson and Simon Penn) who score some of the most amazing Permit fishing ever seen. This Fly fishing Film Tour official selection was filmed in the late 2000's on the rugged north West OZ coastline. This film is arguable the best Permit film anywhere, and is hands down the best Saltwater Fly fishing film ever made in Australia. 

In this vid you will see Permit easting crabs off the surface, tailing in skinny water furiously feeding, huge schools of crab and shrimp death and 2 of the most down to earth guys you will ever see on a flyfishing film. If you fish for Permit and have not seen this vid, do yourself a favour and feast your eyes and fuel your motivation and grab Heads or Tails..... this vid is Fire !!

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